Dilate Opening

Writing a show statement is a deeply personal experience for me. As much as I want the viewer to walk away with their own interpretation of the work, I always have a concept established that weaves the pieces together. Sometimes the concept comes to me in the beginning stages, but often times it comes to me in the middle of the night after the work is complete. 

In a bizarre twist of fate (on more than one occasion) the show statement has predicted events in my life, months after the show comes down. It's grounding to experience that level of intuition, when life speaks through art.

Dilate was different in that it was helping me to work through the complicated emotions of becoming a first-time parent. It's the crazy love you have for your child, the moment you truly appreciate your parents for the first time, when you experience the connection with your mother--understanding that for 9 months (give or take) you were growing inside her. Life is incredible and our bodies are remarkable vessels.

Show Statement

Marisa’s current exhibition Dilate examines the topics of inception, growth, and birth, as well as the sense of profound awareness that accompanies them. It delves into the brief period of time when one’s role transitions from child to parent, in the continuation of an ancient cycle. This shift in perspective invites a new understanding of the parent/child relationship, and in the new role of parent, an unmatched broadening of the heart. From the depths of the universe we emerge and to the depths we inevitably return. The precious time between is what feeds the breath of the cosmos.